Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Hiatus is over

It's been quite some time since I've last posted so I'm making a new goal to be a better blogger.  We've had many changes take place in our lives, which makes me unsure of which direction to take this! As much as diabetes is part of our daily lives, so is homeschool now!  

Um, uh, I'm choking here....on my words! I was that mom that said "You'll never see me doing THAT!" And now I'm eating crow! And frankly, it tastes good.  My regret here? Not doing it sooner.  My son asked me last summer to do it and I quickly answered no.  Although diabetes was a factor in our decision, it was not the determining factor.  We prayed very hard about this and God made it very clear.  I've never been more sure about a prayer being answered nor more scared!  

I don't mind change, it just takes me a very long to get there.  I have to research, analyze, experiment, inquire and then research some more.  Just like our move....I waited and waited till the last minute and our regret? Why did we wait so long?  All have turned out to be good decisions.  In our move, I purged till I didn't think I could purge anymore.  So in turn, I have become very organized.  I stay on top of laundry - the hamper is rarely full of dirty clothes. I vacuum more frequently, dishes stay washed, etc.....and I am very happy (now, if I can get the XYs in this abode to comply, I'll be even happier.)

I think I may just change my blog title.  I'm definitely not experienced in the homeschool arena but what I'm learning is very cool, some is disheartening (on a personal level) but for the most part, it's fun.  I will say, though, it has done wonders for his numbers - looking forward to the next A1C check come next month - I don't think I even mentioned that in 90 days his A1C went from 8.0 to 9.0,   The change in numbers was evident.  Steady 400s in school, accompanied by constant headaches and stomachaches.  The first week he was home....steady 100s! The hardest part....our three year old!  Suggestions welcomed!

My random thought....I'm not happy about Facebook's purchase of Instagram.  Not.  One.  Bit.