Monday, September 2, 2013

So it's been some time since I've posted.....umm...a year perhaps.  But maybe I've said it before, I blog everyday in my head.  This time I've had idle time to sit and write....and write....and write.  Our oldest son has spent a good portion of the summer in and out of the hospital.  Here's what I've learned this summer.....

  • Although I am not yet 40, I apparently do not even closely resemble child-bearing age.  Just ask the radiology techs who so happily hand out the lead vests.
  • Family is always there.
  • Never underestimate hospital food....or coffee.
  • The scenic route can change your attitude.
  • Illness defines friendships.
  • There will be that one medical professional that so foolishly asks when your T1 child is low, "Do you normally let him eat after he goes low?"
  • Therapy dogs make for beautiful smiles.
  • Residents.....
  • My children are relentlessly courageous.
  • Even a good christian girl with a heart for God can make a sailor look like a saint.
  • It is possible to be so sleep deprived, you can momentarily become jealous of those resting eternally in a roadside graveyard.
  • When you live on an island and the bridge to said island is 70 years old, always have a plan B....and C
  • Laughter, at your own expense, can feel good.
  • If you sleep in a waiting room with a motion activated light switch, your sleep will be interrupted... Every time you twitch.
  • Rarely....very rarely are our intentions the same as God's.....just try catching up on laundry. 

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